Royal Signals Gallantry Awards

I have been very busy on my Royal Signals gallantry awards project and have not written as much for this blog as I should have. Here are my last two offerings from the Royal Signals project:

The first is a commemoration about the end of the Palestine Mandate, some of the gallantry awards earned and the loss of Royal Signals soldiers to terrorism there in the post-war years. PALESTINE 1920-1948: IN MEMORIAM

Captain Alexander David Mackintosh, Palestine Command Signal Regiment – shot and mortally wounded by the terrorists who planted the bomb at the King David Hotel on 22 July 1946; he died the next day.

The second is about NCOs and the Military Cross. The medal became available to all ranks after the 1993 review of gallantry decorations and medals. This blog post looks at two NCOs who wore the ribbon of the Military Cross long before that. NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS AND THE MILITARY CROSS

The grave of Lance Sergeant Dennis Edwin Ward MC, Royal Signals, who died in a traffic accident near Kohat in India on 1 February 1936.

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