For Gallantry, Volume 2 – The Colonial Police Medal for Gallantry

This Colonial Police Medal for Gallantry was awarded to British Sergeant Dennis Baily Richards, Palestine Police, in December 1947. Richards had served previously with the 15th/19th The King’s Royal Hussars. This group comprises: Colonial Police Medal for Gallantry; India General Service Medal 1908-35, with clasp ‘NORTH WEST FRONTIER 1930-31’; General Service Medal 1918-62, with clasps ‘PALESTINE’ and ‘PALESTINE 1945-48’. (Photo © Dix Noonan Web.)

Following the successful introduction of the Colonial Police Long Service and Good Conduct Medal in 1934, an award to reward members of the Colonial Police Service for their meritorious service and gallantry was suggested, first in March 1935 and then again in November 1936, by Inspector General R G B Spicer CMG, MC of the Palestine Police Force. The Colonial Police Medal was instituted in 1938.

The Colonial Police Medal for Gallantry was awarded to ‘…those members of recognised Police Forces or of properly organised Fire Brigades in Our Colonies and its Territories…’. It became the Overseas Territories Police Medal in 2012 but for acts of gallantry it had been replaced de facto by the Queen’s Gallantry Medal in 1974.

This new book—a ‘prequel’ to For Exemplary Bravery, the history of the Queen’s Gallantry Medal—will describe in detail the debate around the institution of the Colonial Police Medal and it will examine the design of the medal and its varieties. Importantly it will provide histories of the various police forces across the British Empire and, later, the Commonwealth, whose members earned this medal for their gallantry in general policing duties and in the counter-insurgency campaigns in Palestine, Malaya, Kenya and Cyprus. At its heart will be a detailed register of all of the recipients of the Colonial Police Medal for Gallantry.

Publication date: 2019.

(For Gallantry, Volume 1 will lay out the awards of the Burma Gallantry Medal and For Gallantry, Volume 3 will examine the awards in the Order of the British Empire for Gallantry from 1958 to 1974.)

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