For Gallantry, Volume 1 – The Burma Gallantry Medal

The Burma Gallantry Medal, 1939-1945 Star, Burma Star and War Medal 1939-1945 awarded to Sepoy Nand Singh, 1st Battalion, The Burma Regiment. His award was for his gallantry during the attack on Aradura Spur on 29 May 1944 during the Battle of Kohima when he brought into action an abandoned machine gun and held off a heavy enemy counter-attack, during which he was wounded. (Photo © Dix Noonan Webb.)

Following the partition of British Burma from British India in 1937, two new awards were introduced on 10 May 1940 the Order of Burma and the Burma Gallantry Medal.

The Burma Gallantry Medal was to be awarded to Governor’s Commissioned Officers, non-commissioned officers and other ranks of the Burma Army, Burma Frontier Force, Burma Military Police, Burma Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Force and Burma Volunteer Air Force for ‘…an act of conspicuous gallantry’. This remained the case until 1945, when the Royal Warrant was revised to elevate to the award to the status of the Distinguished Conduct Medal.

This new book will begin a series of volumes that examine some of the United Kingdom’s lesser know gallantry awards. It will cover the status of Burma, its geography, people and armed forces prior to the Second World War and will examine the awards of the Burma Gallantry Medal in the context of the campaign in Burma from 1942 to 1945.

Publication date: 2017.

(For Gallantry, Volume 2 will lay out the awards of the Colonial Police Medal for Gallantry and For Gallantry, Volume 3 will examine the awards in the Order of the British Empire for Gallantry from 1958 to 1974.)

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