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The Royal Reserve Regiments and The Royal Garrison Regiment

In researching the essay about my great-great-uncle Moses Neill, I came across reference to the Royal Garrison Regiment, into which he enlisted in 1902. A search for information about the Regiment revealed little and the information that was easily found has proven to be wrong or inaccurate. A number of sources conflate the Royal Garrison Regiment with the earlier Royal Reserve Regiments; while it is true that the men of the latter were recruited for the former, these two organisations were raised at different times and for very different purposes. In the sections below, hyperlinks will lead to a transcription or copy of the relevant Royal Warrant or Army Order.

The Royal Reserve Regiments

Officers of the Royal Irish Fusiliers Reserve Regiment, 1900

Officers of the Royal Irish Fusiliers Reserve Regiment, 1900

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Evacuation from Sierra Leone

Evacuation - My 'bubble'

Evacuation – My ‘bubble’

The Ebola epidemic in west Africa is the largest outbreak of the disease since its identification in 1976. The region is also afflicted with other viral hemorrhagic diseases, most of which will lead to death if untreated. One of these is Lassa fever, first ‘discovered’ in the town of Lassa, Nigeria in 1969.

In 2000, while serving with the British Army in Sierra Leone, I succumbed to malaria. During my stay in the Indian Army hospital supporting the United Nations force I developed an unusual fever and throat infection, which the doctor looking after me diagnosed as the early stages of Lassa fever. Continue reading